more than是什么意思(more怎么读)


more than是什么意思(more怎么读)

A "trend" can mean what is in style/pattern OR a direction.

Ex) "Those shoes are in trend"

"A trend of people going to shop happens during the holidays"

"The prices are trending upwards"


more than是什么意思(more怎么读)

Tendency suggests an event is more likely or common.

Ex) "She has the tendency to get mad when she is hungry"


"Trend" is usually used to describe new tendencies (things that are becoming common).
"Pointy hats seem to be the newest fashion trend among teenagers."
"You've been coming to class late for the past few days. I hope this isn't becoming a trend for you."


more than是什么意思(more怎么读)

Tendency is used to describe inclinations or habits:


"She has a tendency to tap her feet when she's nervous." This is the same as "She tends to tap her feat when she is nervous."


"To tend" is the verb form of tendency.

“To tend”是tendency的动词形式。

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